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Pneumatic internal lineup clamp non-self

(Copyrighted product design – No. – A-113624/2015)

SSEGPL’s Non Self Internal Pneumatic Clamp (IPLC) is generally used for pipeline construction of pipe between 6″ to 18″ pipes. When a pipeline is executed, SSEGPL’s pneumatic clamp is used when mainline is started. It is used by contractors works for pipeline construction and specially using mainline equipment such as internal clamps.

Why choose product?
  • IPLC’S Front and rear heads operate independently to lock the pneumatic clamp into position, release accurate alignment of pipe joints quickly and efficiently.
  • SSEGPL’S PNEUMATIC CLAMPS ARE With Alloy steel wheels.
  • To protect the Internal Coating of the pipe, SSEGPL provides Pneumatic Internal Clamp (non – self) with Polyurethane (pu) / nylon wheel on request.
  • SSEGPL’S INTERNAL PNEUMATIC CLAMP NON SELF IS Easily adjustable for different pipe wall thicknesses.
  • SSEGPL’S PNEUMATIC INTERNAL CLAMP’S Conversation kits for various pipe sizes are available on request.
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