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Special Pipe Bending Machine

(Copyrighted product design – No. – A-113603/2015)

This pipe bending machine is specially defined for making field bends with an objective that bends are fabricated without any wrinkles, with no damages to external pipe coating and to maintain the internal diameter of pipes without any dents and ovality.

Why choose product?
  • For Pipe Sizes from 6” to 60”
  • Designed especially for bending the steel pipe of various thicknesses and diameters with the high quality results.
  • Fully equipped control panel with automatic emergency shut off that allows total control and provides total safety.
  • Mounted with rubber tires or steel tracks with a towing tongue.
Product Features
  1. Pin-Up shoes automatically grips the pipe to prevent distortion.
  2. Can be easily converted in to another pipe size within the machine range by fitting an alternative bending die set.
  3. Capable to bend all grades of API-5L pipes within its range
  4. Stiff back rod for consistently uniform bending of pipes.
  5. Hydraulic driven winch for pipe movement.
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