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Bevelled Pipe Roller

SSEGPL’s pipe pushing roller is an ideal tool for easy and safe manual movement of pipes. SSEGPL provides best quality of pipeline roller used as pipeline equipment. It is used in oil and pipeline industry for construction of oil and gas pipeline.

SSEGPL provides wide range of pipe rollers which includes, pipe rigging roller, heavy duty pipe roller hdd pipe roller, bevel type pipe roller, incline pipe roller and many other pipe roller used as pipeline equipment for construction of pipeline equipment in oil and gas industry.

  • SSEGPL’s pipe pulling roller available for pipe sized upto 48″ diameter.
  • Pipe pushing roller available in various types, models and ranges such as bevelled pipe roller, pipe rigging roller, cone type or conical pipe roller, nylon roller, PU coated roller.
  • Single size of pipe pushing roller easily fits to pipes of different sizes.
  • Multi size pipe roller is idle for all line travel operations and rigging in tight spaces of the pipe sections at ground level.
  • Although SSEGPL provides customized pipe roller solution to our valuable client, we have specially designed all the roller for easy and trouble-free movement of pipes.
  • Keeping in mind the coating of the pipe, SSEGPL provides special nylon pipe roller, polyurethane pipe roller, rubber coated pipe rollers to protect the pipe from damage and coating of pipe during pulling operation or movement.
  • Pipe pushing roller is non-abrasive, sturdy structure and resistant against chemicals.
  • This hdd pipe pushing roller from SSEGPL comes with high durability, more strength and permeance guaranteed since premium quality raw material used.
  • SSEGPL’s pipe rollers reduces heavy equipment requirements and saves cost of fuel, pipe roller saves time and extra manpower.
  • Total load gets diverted through anti friction bearing inside the PIPE roller.
  • Modular design OF PIPE ROLLER provides maximum build flexibility and customization for any formation and application.
  • Each individual roller element is made corrosion protected.
  • SSEGPL’S PIPE PUSHING ROLLER is Suitable for all environment condition.
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