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Hydraulic/Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel Powered/Non Powered

(Copyrighted product design (Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel) – No. – A-113607/2015)

The pneumatic wedge mandrel is used to reduce buckling in the pipe during bending operation.

SSEGPL’s Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel is specially designed to reduce the buckling in the pipe during bending operation for oil and gas industry. SSEGPL’s hydraulic wedge mandrel is the copyrighted product which is mostly used in the pipe bending procedure. SSEGPL’s hydraulic wedge mandrel is available in two different model one is powered and another is non – powered hydraulic wedge mandrel.


Why choose product?
  • Part of SSEGPL® High-Productivity Bending System, the HYDRAULIC WEDGE MANDREL is particularly successful in providing a smooth bend with no “out-of-round.” Simple design and few parts result in low maintenance cost.
  • This SSEGPL Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel was developed specifically to meet the bending requirements of heavy-wall and high-yield grade pipe.
  • Wedge Mandrel is Reliable and affordable.
  • Available in sizes from 10” to 60”.
  • Preventing pipe buckling.
  • Preventing flatness and pipe distortion.
Product Features
  1. During bending operation, pneumatic or Hydraulic pipe bending mandrels allows for, making the bends smoothly
  2. Non Powered Pneumatic / Hydraulic Wedge mandrel equipped with reach rod and control end.
  3. A Powered Pneumatic / Hydraulic Wedge mandrel is equipped with hydraulic motor which travels through the pipe for the next bend.
  4. Wheels provide self- levelling while mandrel is in the pipe.
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