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Pipe Rollie Cradles – Dual String

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Also known as pipeline cradle. This SSEGPL’s pipe rolling cradle is one of the pipeline equipment used in pipeline construction for lowering the pipe after completion of mainline and bending procedure using SSEGPL’s equipment. This pipe lowering cradle is very used when very precious work of lowering the pipe is going on in the pipeline construction. Safety factor of SSEGPL’s pipe lowering cradle is 5:1.

  • SSEGPL’s pipe support cradles used in pipeline equipment are available in wide range from 6″ to 60″ diameter with easily replaceable rollers.
  • This pipeline roller cradle is an ideal for all pipeline travel operation
  • SSEGPL’s pipe hanging cradle is available with multiple nylon rollers more evenly distributed on all the loops of wire rope string supports the pipe evenly and also pipe cradle is used to avoid ‘edging’
  • One of the reason to use SSEGPL’s pipe roller cradle is the spring between the roller in the pipe roller cradle allows rollers to align themselves depending on the pipe load and thus reduce the wire rope string wear
  • The lifting frame of rollie cradle from SSEGPL made from the quality steel and reinforced to reduce the wear.
  • This pipeline equipment from SSEGPL known as pipe roller cradle’s saged sleeve achieves maximum strength of wire rope slings and meet safety requirements.
  • SSEGPL provide one of its pipeline equipment, pipe roller cradle in the form of customized pipe rollie cradle with roller in PU or nylon form which lifts linger pipe sections as polyurethane / nylon rollers protect pipe and external coating of pipes from damages.
  • The rollers of SSEGPL’s pipeline equipment known as pipe rollie cradle ride easily over weld seams and never hang up
  • SSEGPL’s pipe loading cradle is the most idle, trouble-free and fast for lowering of longer pipe section.
  • Pipe roller cradle is one of the pipeline equipment used in the oil and gas field, in which all parts are easily replaceable at work place itself.
  • Pipe lowering cradle’s single size can handle wide range of pipe size
  • However, SSEGPL can customize pipe roller cradle, this pipe cradle is designed to use single length of wire rope sling throughout all the loops of rollers to facilitate complete load equalization
  • Roller string with a frame is easily assembled and dismantled for storage and transit
  • Pipe rolling cradle by from SSEGPL forms continuous roller surrounding lower half of pipe keeping the pipe on center
  • Rollie cradle’s crimpes swages used for wire rope termination
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