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Pneumatic Internal Line Up clamp - Copper Backup

  • Ensures quick and accurate alignment of two joints of pipe during welding operation.
  • Front and rear heads operate independently to lock the clamp into position, realize accurate alignment of pipe joints quickly and efficiently.
  • Copper back up ring assembly is provided for proper welding.
  • Ring assembly provides totally separate from the Front and Rear clamping mechanism.
  • The design ensures that each copper shoe gets in contact with the internal surface of the pipe..
  • Designing decreases the time for fit-up and eliminates errors such as lowering of the copper shoes during a welding cycle.
  • Self Alignment is additionally provided with an additional mechanism to prevent misalignment.
  • Polyurethane/ Nylon wheels provided on request to protect internal coating.
  • Easily adjustable for different pipe wall thicknesses.
  • Conversation kits for various pipe sizes are available at extra cost.
  • Self-propelled is equipped with pneumatic motor which travels through the pipe for the next joint.
  • Available for pipe sizes from 16" to 60".
Pneumatic internal lineup clamp copper backup

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