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Hydraulic/Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel Powered/Non Powered

(Copyrighted product design (Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel) – No. – A-113607/2015)
  • Reliable and affordable.
  • During bending operation, pneumatic or Hydraulic pipe bending mandrels allows for,
    • making the bends smoothly
    • Preventing pipe buckling
    • Preventing flatness and pipe distortion
  • Available in sizes from 10” to 60”.
  • Non Powered Pneumatic / Hydraulic Wedge mandrel equipped with reach rod and control end.
  • A Powered Pneumatic / Hydraulic Wedge mandrel is equipped with hydraulic motor which travels through the pipe for the next bend.
  • Wheels provide self- levelling while mandrel is in the pipe.
Pneumatic wedge mandrel Hydraulic wedge mandrel

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